June 25th 2017


A cool breezy dusk descended upon Trinity Bellwoods Park as the feisty Credit River Rainbow Trout squared off against the stoic Ballsheviks of Rouge River. The far western and far eastern river matchup was replete with surprises and oddities including a 6-player Credit River squad to start the game.  But that only bolstered the Trout, used to swimming upstream against the current, they exploded out to an early 10-7 lead and maintained a steady pace aided by some excellent plays at third by Peter Demakos and at short by Colin Hastings.  Michelle Roseman, Johann Juarez, Niloofar Golkar and Linda Swanston provided plenty of hits until Alex Brant and Robin Smillie were able to arrive to fill out the lineup – and the “sub”culture of our league was in full effect with Craig Fortier donning a Trout fin to swat a left-handed grand slam to help stabilize the lead.  But some time after the 3rd inning, the Ballshevik vanguard awoke the masses with Merle Davis, Stu Schlusser, Nav Sidhu, Rachele Clemente and Shelagh Pizey-Allen using small ball to set up the monumental comeback!  The great power of Andy Smith, Andrew Stokes, and Ness Dixon helped to even the score in the bottom of the 6th inning for the Leninists! But in true communist fashion, they deemed the distribution of runs to be equal and departed the game with a 20-20 tie.

But friends…the socialist ethic of the Ballsheviks was not nearly finished. In game 2, that very team loaned Nav Sidhu and Merle Davis to the Mastodons and Stu Schlusser and Rachele Clemente to the Hustle!  This grand gesture was also spurred by the super-sub play of Peter Demakos for the Don side, the emergence of our newest sub Sarah Naumes, and the grand return of Jan Braun to help round out the rosters.  And that second game was an equally thrilling affair.  Ryan Hayes and Terrance Luscombe continued their ritual of destroying softballs, while Brianna Greaves and Erika Pulfer sprinted around the basepaths.  However, with the rise of the disco era, the Mastodons appear to be more endangered than at the start of the holocene.  With boogie down beats, the Hustle unveiled the dance of the anthropocene thanks to some swift moves by Janine Caster and Yogi Acharya, some deft dips by Katie German and Andrew Norton – and a few flops on the dancefloor by Craig Fortier.  As the lights on the disco went dark, the Hustle had shimmied their way to the top of the charts with a 16-12 win.

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Credit River
Peter Demakos – 38th player in league history to reach 40 at bats (up 5 spots!)
Colin Hastings – 6th player in league history to reach 75 career runs batted in (up 1 spot!)
Alex Brant – T-49th all time in career singles with 12 (up 11 spots!)
Michelle Roseman – T-59th all time with 12 career hits (up 11 spots!)
Robin Smillie – T-51st all time with 23 career at-bats (up 8 spots!)
Niloofar Golkar – 58th player in league history to reach 10 career singles (up 10 spots!)
Johann Juarez – 4th all time career singles with 82 (up 1 spot!)

Don River
Terrance Luscombe- 5th player in league history to reach 5 career triples (up 6 spots!)
Jessica Duarte – T-47th all time in career singles with 15 (up 11 spots!)
Erika Pulfer- T-47th all time in runs scored with 9 (up 7 spots!)
Brianna Greaves – T-53rd all time in career singles (up 10 spots!)
Ryan Hayes – becomes 2nd player in league history to reach 140 runs batted in (142)!
Darren Puscas – T-46th all time with 16 career hits (up 2 spots!)
Karen Campbell- 44th all time with 18 career hits (up 3 spots!)

Humber River
Janine Caster – T-36th all time with 12 runs scored (up 11 spots!)
Katie German – 40th player in league history to reach 18 singles (up 2 spots!)
Andrew Norton – T-11th all time in career triples with 3 (up 6 spots!)
Craig Fortier – becomes 1st player in league history to reach 200 runs batted in (204)
Yogi Acharya – T-28th all time in career hits with 34 (up 2 spots!)
Jan Braun – 52nd player in league history to reach 2 career doubles (up 14 spots!)
Sarah Naumes- 98th player in league history to record at least 1 at-bat!

Rouge River
Andy Smith -T-20th all time with 5 career doubles (up 8 spots!)                                               Shelagh Pizey Allen –  45th all time in career hits with 14 (up 8 spots!)
Stu Schlusser – T-63rd all time with 11 career hits (14 spots!)
Andrew Stokes – 16th player in league history to hit 2 career home runs (up 11 spots!)
Merle Davis – 24th player in league history to record 40 career hits (up 4 spots!)
Nav Sidhu – 15th all time in career hits with 59 (up 2 spots!)
Rachele Clemente – 45th all time with 29 career at-bats (up 14 spots!)
Kate Uffelman – T-46th all time with 13 career singles (up 7 spots!)



Ness Dixon (Rouge)

Runs Batted In

Linda Swanston (Credit) (2)