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2021 Field of Dreamers Championship

Lessons on Building a Dynasty

And then it was October. The leaves were not yet falling, but the rain sure was as the Field of Dreamers met under the lights of SkyDome for once last week of the 2021 season. Players streamed into Trinity Bellwoods coming off of watching the Blue Jays destroy the Baltimore Orioles to keep their post-season hopes alive, only to be heartbroken mere moments later when the Boston Red Sox eliminated Toronto’s team for the season. But attention quickly turned to the Bronze and Gold Medal matches at hand.

Would the Don River Don Don Revolution get their initials etched on the arcade game wall of fame or would the Humber River Habaneros be the ones to top the Scoville scale? Would the Rouge River Rainbow Rebellion finally admit to and accept their revolutionary destiny or would the Credit River Cuties definitively qualify as the hottest team in the league (sorry Spicy Ps!)?

If you wanna know the results (beyond the foreshadowing in the title above)…


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Playoffs 2021 – Round 2

Waning Moon Autumn Baseball

With both the moon cycle and the 2021 season waning in tandem, the Field of Dreamers gathered at SkyDome for the penultimate weekend of the softball season. In the first game, Rouge River and Don River planned to add a chapter to the long political theory debate on rebellion and revolution. Would the Rainbow Rebellion go on to connect with the Cuties, the lovers, the dreamers, and me? Would the Don Don Revolution be the ones to be left dancing on their own with a chance at the Gold Medal Game?

In the evening tilt, the storyline was of course which of the two teams’ seasons would come to an end (making them hosts of the 2021 Championships) and which would go on to the Bronze Medal Game? Could the Humber River Habaneros spice up their lives with one more week of play? Would it be the Garrison Creek Gargoyles flying higher than an eagle to land into the finals?

If you wanna know the results…


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Playoffs 2021 – Round 1

The Full Moon Playoff Round 1

Under the full moon in pisces, the Field of Dreamers assembled for the start of the 4th playoff tournament in league history. With the weather perfect for ball, the Don River Don Don Revolution stepped onto the field hoping to punch their dance card to face the top seeded Rouge River Rainbow Rebellion. Meanwhile, the Humber River Habaneros were looking to catch fire and run their way through the playoffs. In the night cap, the Credit River Cuties were hoping to catwalk their way to the Gold Medal Game, but standing in their way was the Garrison Creek Gargoyles, who have stood tall all season long.

If you wanna know the results…


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Softball Astrology

A special cosmic message from our very wonderful vibe commissioner, Annelies Cooper!

Hello dear Dreamers!

As a ‘Vibe Commissioner’ I’m sending a message to remind you all that even as we enter the playoffs, our primary commitments in this league are to the spirit of community, inclusivity, cooperation, growth and creating an affirmative, supportive and encouraging space to play and enjoy the sport. Playoffs can amplify competitiveness and our desires for certain outcomes of games can sometimes start to overshadow these other commitments. So, this is just a friendly reminder to keep these desires in the balance with our leagues’ guiding principles, which Craig circulated earlier this week. Please respect the calls of umpires, and if there is conflict, let your captains and umpires manage it. If you have any issues feel free to talk to your captain, myself, or any other member of the Coordinating Committee. 

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September 12th 2021


The last week of the regular season snuck up on us so quickly that we missed two full weeks of baseball updates! But not to fret, because the post-game recaps are back just in time for the autumnal equinox. With the threat of rain in the forecast, the dreamers wished and hoped for some good fortune that was grateful granted by the cosmos and the dreamers took the field for two key final matchups.

The first game featured the gleaming Gargoyles of House Garrison who sought to punch their ticket to a first round bye in the playoffs, but standing in their way were the resurgent Rainbow Rebellion of House Rouge who were hoping for a second consecutive regular season as the sprinkle on top of the Field of Dreamer cupcake! In the second game, the dungeon dweller Don Don Revolution of House Don were trying to spoil the prom for the crowd-pleaser Cuties of House Credit. Who would emerge as top of the pops? Well….

If you wanna know the results…


Photo Credit: Victoria Barnett

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