Coordinating Committee

The coordinating committee is a group of volunteers, usually active players, who come together to organize the league every year. You likely already know of the league’s collaborative and do-it-yourself nature, but it truly is a labour of love, and we gather with an ethos of care, compassion, and criticality. Read more about our guiding principles.

2024 Coordinating Committee

a)  League Logistics – Craig (Commissioner)

– This role includes permit, registration, draft, stats, scheduling, organizing coordinating committee, play-by-play, and supporting all coordinator committee members in their roles.

b) League Communication – LJ (Commissioner)

– This role includes mass emails to the league, supporting communications team, supporting captains, supporting teams, planning and supporting events, walk-up songs

c) League Vibes – Victoria + Marty

– This role includes teaching/mentoring how to take on roles in the league (i.e. scorekeeping, play-by-play, umpiring, etc.), supporting captains in maintaining healthy team vibe/morale, identifying and supporting players through conflict and/or frustrations

d) Communications – Jenny + Soren

– This role includes social media, website, newsletters, and other forms of external and internal league communication. 

e) Umpiring & Rules – Andy

– This role includes scheduling umpires, training umpires, and exploring rule changes/revisions as requested by coordinating committee

f) Subs Coordinator – Robyn

– This role includes registering subs, communicating with subs, and linking captains with subs during the season

g) Special Events Coordinator – Marty

– This role includes planning for the pride game, Christie Pits riot game, and other events external to the regularly scheduled games

h) Equipment & Field Logistics – Darren + Oskar

– This role includes coordinating equipment logistics (transportation and storage) during the season, getting support for set-up and take down of the field, etc. 

i) League Supplies – Soren + Oskar

– This role includes purchasing and sourcing league supplies (i.e. equipment, first aid kits, other useful team items) over the season

j) Training & Mentorship Coordinator – Phill + Camie + Darren

– Supporting mentor/experienced players in providing mentorship to beginner/intermediate players, organizing skill shares and training weeks, etc. 

We give our utmost thanks to our fine and fantastic past coordinating committee members!

  • Annelies Cooper
  • Colin Hastings
  • Jill Aoki