June 18th 2017


After a downpour during the mid-afternoon with Dreamers running for shelter and making panicked calls to check if the games were still on, the skies let up and the diamond was in great shape for two excellent nail-biter games! In the first game, Humber River took a large early lead helped by some defensive wizardry at short-stop and second base from the pairings of Yogi Acharya and Giibwanisi and a nifty slide by Craig Fortier. This was complemented from some excellent hitting by Katie, Jenny, Ro, Janine, and Jo – one hasn’t seen contact like that at SkyDome since the Days of Olerud & Alomar! As might be expected on a night when the air was warm and dewey, the ball was jumpin! Karl “The Jarl of Dufferin” and Andrew “No-Nonesense” Norton exchanged towering home runs that were hit into another area code and required rescue missions for the balls. However, just as Humber thought they had the game locked up, Rouge stormed back to score 9 runs in the top of the 6th inning to tie the game! However, Jenny Chan played hero on this day, knocking in the winning run on a walk-off single, 16-15 for the Hustle! (Richard Peters & Craig Fortier).

Game two was played at dusk under a beautiful sundown. But quickly the Credit River Rainbown Trout went to work. Just as the sun had descended earlier a shallow bloop off the bat of Don River powerhouse Ryan “I Don’t Bunt” Hayes, looked to be drooping in over the infielders and out of reach of the outfielders. However, from the dark reaches of left field came a sliding Johann Juarez to make what might have been the most spectacular catch of the season!!! As Juarez walked off, both teams (Don & Credit) and even a few of us lingering in the crowd rose in standing ovation to acknowledge the spectacular effort. It was back to work for the fish as they quickly took a 10-1 lead over their distant distant distant relative Mastadons (like really distant, really really distant). But no lead is safe when the Mastadons start playing like Wooly Mammoths and the keen clobbering by Jessica Duarte, Karen Campell, Reena Reddy, Erika Pulfer, and the speedy sprint of Brianna Greaves set up some enormous blasts from Don Rivers’ side that ended in 3-4 balls being consumed by the night sky! However, Credit River was not going to be denied their second win of the season and as they gingerly pushed Alex Brant toward third base, the clutch hit from Colin Hastings sealed the victory, 16-15 for the Trout!

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Credit River
Peter Demakos – 39th player in league history to reach 20 hits!
Colin Hastings – 23 career doubles, ranks 6th on all-time list (up 1 spot!)
Robyn Letson – 20th all time in career hits, with 42 (up 3 spots!)
LJ Robinson – 5th player in league history to reach 100 career hits (101)!!!!
Alex Brant – T-58th all time in career hits with 10 (up 9 spots!)
Michelle Roseman – T-66th all time with 4 career runs scored (up 9 spots!)
Robin Smillie – T-53rd all time with 12 career hits (up 10 spots!)
Rachel Small – 9th player in league history to reach 80 career hits (81)!
Niloofar Golkar – T-58th all time in career at bats with 17 (up 7 spots!)
Johann Juarez – 3rd player in league history to cross the 230 career at-bat plateau!

Don River
Jessica Duarte – T-49th in league history with 13 career hits (up 9 spots!)
Karen Campbell – T-42nd in league history with 13 career singles (up 5 spots!)
Ryan Hayes – becomes 2nd player in league history to surpass 45 career doubles (46)!
Reena Reddy – T-24th all time with 68 career at-bats (up 4 spots!)

Humber River
Janine Caster – 38th all time in career singles 17 (up 1 spot!)
Katie German – league leader in singles this season (15)!
Jenny Chan – becomes 3rd player in league history to reach 90 career singles (92)!!
Craig Fortier – league leader in triples on the season (5)!
Jo Jefferson – becomes 14th player in league history to reach 100 career at-bats!!!
Rocio Velasquez – T-32nd all time with 28 career hits (up 5 spots!)
Yogi Acharya – becomes 31st player in league history to reach 30 career hits (up 4 spots!)

Rouge River
Umar Saeed – becomes 41st player in league history to reach the 10 runs batted in plateau (up 4 spots!)
Gita Madan – T-54th in league history in runs scored (up 3 spots!)
Andrew Stokes – 9th in league history for career triples with 4 (up 4 spots!)
Merle Davis – 19th player in league history to reach 80 career at-bats (83)!!
Nav Sidhu – 11th all time in career singles with 49 (up 2 spots)!
Lainie Basman -14th player all time with 60 career hits (61)!
Kate Uffelman – T-53rd all time with 19 career at-bats (up 10 spots!)



Tracey Mann (Rouge)


Darren Puscas (Don)

Andrew Norton (Humber)



Double Agent

Brianna Greaves and Erika Pulfer have the same number of hits (9) in almost the same number of at bats – yet while Brianna has knocked in the most runs (4), Erika has been a scoring machine (8)

Adrian Rodill Award

Karl Gardner – currently leads in all-time career .AVG (.775) .SLG (1.080) and OPS (1.854)

Richard Peters becomes the 35th player in league history to eclipse the 50 At-Bat plateau. An important milestone of longevity for the league!!!