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Updates for 2018 Season

2018 Playoffs – Championships – September 16 2018


Summer wandered back into our lives to grace us with beautiful weather for the final game of another successful Field of Dreamers season.  As we tuck this season in, draw the comfy sheets, and play some soft music on 2018, let us remember the spirit that ran through the Credit River Comrades, the Don River Valley Cats, the Humber River Humdingers, and the Rouge River Blush.  Each of you gave to this league in an immensely spirited way and we are thankful to all of our players, subs, fans, and volunteers who help make each season possible.

Despite the sleepy start, the two final games were filled with action that was modulated by the affable Robin Smillie who took the mic to call play-by-play for both matches and her hosts Colin Hastings and Andrew Stokes who provided thrilling colour commentary!! But the real question remained, would the Comrades make one final push at the Eastern door to secure the bronze medal game or would the Valley Cats scratch and claw their way back into the third spot?  Would the Humber River Humdingers be singing “We Are the Champions” or would the Rouge River Blush make all their doubters hush?

If you are curious as to the results then you’ll have to keep reading to find out!

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2018 Playoffs Round 1 – September 9th


Tropical depression Gordon hung low as the wind swirled and the skyline was filled with pink, blue, and purple luminescence.  Some gentle soul had already decorated SkyDome with pastel streamers as though they knew that the Dreamers would be taking the field for an extra special occasion.  It was the magic of playoff baseball, where puppies grow to be puppers and bugles sound the coming of fall. Where Valley Cats howl at the night sky and Comrades prepare for the October Revolution.  Where Blush ready themselves for homecoming and Humdingers…um….keep humming? Anyway, it is a beautiful and glorious time and the rains held out so that for yet another week we could all make baseball together.

In the spirit of the playoffs, captains readied themselves, with one sending out this little sweet note, ” Not that I think we are in short supply of generosity as a team at all but, sometimes the play-offs bring out our more competitive sides. While it is certainly fun and engaging to have high stakes situations and to perform at one’s best, we also want to remember the priorities of this league. Let’s keep being generous to the other teams and to one another. We’re still all in this together!”

And together they began under the grey dusk of fall.

If you are curious as to the results then you’ll have to keep reading to find out!

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August 26th 2018


It seems like it’s gone dreadfully quick, but last night marked the end of the 2nd regular season in Field of Dreamers history! But don’t fret fellow baseballers, there are three more games left to play! Playoffs begin on Sunday, September 9th and run through Sunday, September 23rd! With the Credit River Comrades having locked up the top spot and the Rouge River Blush occupying the bottom, there was only one key playoff race left to decide: Would it be the Humdingers or the Valley Cats who hosted their first round playoff matchup?  Would the Valley Cats follow the ball of yarn to the 2nd place or would the Comrades block their attempts through camaraderie and determination?  Would the Humdingers buzz their way into 2nd place or would the Blush apply the kiss of death to Humber?

If you wanna know the results…

You’ll have to keep reading to find out!

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