June 11th 2017


The sweltering Toronto heat started to break – just barely – as Field of Dreamer’s players took the field in tank tops and altered jerseys. And while the temperature was indeed dropping, the action on the field continued to be fire. In the first game of the day, Credit River faced Humber River for the first time this season. A matchup of the west-end rivers the game was bound to be long and winding with a strong current. And sure enough, these two teams combined to play the first 7 inning game of the season! A 22-7 score for Humber River belies the action-packed and thrilling play that was exhibited by both sides. Katie German played a stellar second base alongside Craig Fortier at short stop where the pairing combined for a half dozen put-outs and some dance floor flair for the Hustle. In the 4th inning an apparent home run blast off the bat of a Humber River player was met by the incredible iridescence of a number of Rainbow Trout relay throws that was able to cut the celebration short with an out at home!

In game two, the night cooling the air, a reformulated Don River squad placed their undefeated record on the line against a determined Rouge River in the first battle of the eastern river teams. The dense summer air ensured that the ball was flying off the bat! Home runs from Karl Gardner, Umar Saeed, Andy Smith, Darren Puscas and Matthew Poggi led the charge…but it was Rouge that was able to place runners on base to drive in. Merle Davis, Rachele Clemente, Gita Madan, Shelagh Pizey-Allen, Andrew Stokes and Nav Sidhu all had multi-hit games that clogged the base paths with Ballsheviks. And like Czar Nicholas II some time in the summer months of 1917, the writing was on the wall for the undefeated Mastadons. A score of 19-7 in favour of the collectivists made the mammutid proboscideans realize that no team is safe at the top of the food chain. Nonetheless, the Mastadons are far from extinct as they take the best record in the league into this week’s matchups. Stay tuned kids…

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Credit River
Peter Demakos – 44th player in league history to reach 25 at-bats
Colin Hastings – 9th player in league history to reach 75 career hits
Robyn Letson – T-23rd all time with 68 career at-bats (up 4 spots!)
LJ Robinson – T-7th all time with 17 career doubles (up 2 spots!)
Alex Brant – T-57th all time with 7 career singles (up 13 spots!)
Michelle Roseman – T-69th all time with 6 career hits (up 12 spots!)
Robin Smillie – T-52nd all time with 17 career at bats (up 8 spots!)

Don River
Jessica Duarte – T-45th in league history with 10 career singles (up 5 spots!)
Karen Campbell – T-48th in league history with 7 career runs batted in (up 5 spots!)
Noah Adams – 21st player in league history to record 70 at-bats (up 4 spots!)
Reena Reddy – 30th player in league history to record 30 career hits (up 4 spots!)
Jennifer Mussell – T-57th all time with 9 career hits (up 12 spots!)

Humber River
Janine Caster – T-40th all time with 17 career hits (up 7 spots!)
Katie German – leads the league in at-bats this season with 23!
Laura Pin – 27th all time in runs batted in (including 8 in last game) with 14 (up 23 spots!)
Leigh Kittson – T-25th all time with 4 career doubles (up 15 spots!)
Craig Fortier – with 4 doubles last game, currently leads the league with 9 this season
Jo Jefferson – becomes 17th player in league history to record 50 career hits (51)
Rocio Velasquez – 20th player in league history to record 70 career at-bats (up 5 spots!)
Richard Peters – T-18th all time with 6 career doubles (up 7 spots!)

Rouge River
Umar Saeed – becomes 11th player in league history to hit 3 career home runs and first to do so while celebrating a birthday!
Shelagh Pizey-Allen – 53rd all time in career hits with 11 (up 12 spots!)
Gita Madan – T-48th all time in runs batted in with 7 (up 6 spots!)
Rachele Clemente – T-51st all time with 9 career singles (up 19 spots!)
Andrew Stokes – T-15th all time with 7 career doubles (up 3 spots!)
Merle Davis – 26th all time in career hits with 36 (up 2 spots!)
Nav Sidhu – 16th all time in career hits with 52 (up 1 spot!)



Andrew Norton (Don)

Runs Batted In
Linda Swanston (Credit)

Home Run
Matthew Poggi (Don)

Darren Puscas (Don)

Andy Smith (Rouge)



Double Agent

TH Vega (Credit) – becomes only the 10th player in league history to record a hit as both a left handed and right handed hitter!

Double Cycles!

Karl Gardner (Rouge) – accomplishes an incredible feat by hitting for the cycle (1B, 2B, 3B, HR) two times in 4 games played! Including a Grand Slam! Interestingly Karl only scored once in all of these at-bats.