Please come to the field 20 minutes early so we can begin opening ceremonies right on schedule. You can expect to meet and introduce yourself to your teammates (if you haven’t already), pick up your jersey, watch and participate in the opening ceremonies, and cheer on the other teams as we get the ball flying!

We play at Trinity Bellwoods Park, on the large diamond in the North East corner of the park, North of the skating rink. Just look for the “SkyDome” sign on the fence behind first base.

Opening Day Schedule
7:40pm Arrival – find your team and grab your shirt!
7:50pm Group Warm Up
8:00pm Opening Ceremony (Game 1)
8:10-9:25pm GAME 1: HUMBER RIVER VS. ROUGE RIVER9:10pm Arrival – Find your team and grab your shirt!
9:20pm Group Warm Up
9:30pm Opening Ceremony (Game 2)


Date Time League Season
July 18, 2021 8:00 pm Primary League 2021


Trinity Bellwoods Park - Diamond #1
Trinity Cir, Toronto, ON M6J 2V5, Canada


Humber River007411
Rouge River343313

Humber River

Player Position AB AVG H 1B 2B 3B HR R RBI SLG
Jill Aoki-20.50011000110.000
Peter Demakos-20.50011000020.000
Alie Hermanutz-31.00033000120.000
Samira Banihashemi-21.00022000200.000
Robyn Letson-30.66722000110.000
Huăn Nguyen-31.00032100110.444
Jarl Gardner-0000000000
Yassi Aghazadeh-20.50011000000.000
Annelies Cooper-0000000000
Andy Smith-20.00000000000
Yasmeen Peer-20.00000000010
Jeffrey Ansloos-20.50011000110.000
Devin Clancy-31.00033000200.000
Total 260.6541716100990.078

Rouge River

Player Position AB AVG H 1B 2B 3B HR R RBI SLG
Terrance Luscombe-31.00031200120.889
Vanessa Gray-0000000000
Sena Hussain-30.66722000210.000
Ryan Hayes-31.00031200230.889
Rhiannon Cobb-30.66722000020.000
Sarah Weinberger-11.00011000110.000
Rishi Switzer Krishnamoorthy-0000000000
Matthew Koscic-41.00043100220.333
Nat Saavedra-31.00033000220.000
Leah Silverman-30.66722000110.000
Con Herrera-0000000000
Joseph Bautista-30.66722000200.000
Laura Shepherd-30.66721100110.667
Grant Butterworth-30.66722000110.000
Total 320.813262060015160.308