July 9th 2017


An ominous weather system lingered over the field of play as the Mastodons took on the Trout looking to stave off an extirpating 5 game losing streak.  Bolstered by the returns to the lineup of Annelies Cooper and Devin Clancy, the thrash metal Dons littered the skies with hits and bloops and blasts! But the Trout weren’t to be outdone as they leapt from the currents to snap up balls hit in their vicinity, including some nifty plays by Rachel Small and LJ Robinson in the middle infield and a few valiant attempts in the outfield by Johann Juarez and Alex Brant.  Like the tides that govern the trout migration, this game was a back and forth affair with the mammutid proboscideans prevailing 18-14 as the drizzling rain broke the longest ice age in the teams short existence.

In the second game played under the lights, the Humber River Hustle looked to keep their spot at the top of the Billboard charts but faced a formidable challenge from the Ballsheviks.  Some crafty defensive maneuvering from the disco divas stifled the red menace for much of the game with stellar plays by Leigh Kittson and Jenny Chan at first base, some excellent backup coverage by Rocio Velasquez at rover, and a memorable timely home run by Natalia Saavedra who took advantage of a soviet bathroom break by the Ballshevik’s centre fielder, Andy Smith to widen the Hustle lead.  But as the 6th inning began, there was panic at the disco! With fears of a reassignment to Siberia, the summer rain awakened the Ballsheviks and they began a series of blasts and bloops led by comrades Merle Davis, Jarl Gardner, Andrew Stokes, Gita Madan, Kate Uffelman, Nav Sidhu, Lainie Basman and Stu Schulsser. Despite a strong push for disco supremacy, the front page of Pravda continues to show The Internationale as the top hit in Ballshevik land and solidarity forever rang true with a 17-16 victory for the Reds.

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Credit River
Niloofar Golkar – T-47th all time with 31 career at-bats (up 9 spots!)
Michelle Roseman – T-54th all time with 16 career hits (up 5 spots!)
Linda Swanston – T-67th all time with 18 career at-bats (up 9 spots!)
LJ Robinson – becomes 7th player in league history to score 60 career runs! (up 1 spot!)
Alex Brant – T-49th all time with 30 career at-bats (up 10 spots!)
Peter Demakos – T-21st all time with 6 career doubles runs batted in (up 5 spots!)
Johann Juarez – 2nd player in league history to reach 110 career runs scored (112)!
Robyn Letson – T-20th all time with 44 career hits (up 5 spots!)
Rachel Small – T-7th all time with 132 career at-bats (up 1 spot!)

Don River
Annelies Cooper – T-14th all time with 27 runs career runs scored (up 6 spots!)
Karen Campbell – 2nd this season with 22 singles (T-36th all time -up 4 spots!)
Ryan Hayes – currently leads the league this season with 13 doubles!
Jennifer Mussell – becomes 62nd player in league history to record 25 career at-bats! (up 4 spots!)
Jessica Duarte – T-3rd this season with 19 singles (T-41st all time – up  5 spots!)
Darren Puscas – T-21st all time with 6 career doubles (up 5 spots!)
Matthew Poggi – T-26th all time with 5 career doubles  (up 13 spots!)
Erika Pulfer – becomes 65th player in league history to record at least 20 at-bats (22)!
Reena Reddy – becomes 23rd player in league history to record at least 70 at-bats (72)!

Humber River
Katie German – continues to lead the league in at-bats and singles (41) and (24) respectively!
Jenny Chan – T-8th all time in career runs batted in with 49 (up 1 spot!)
Craig Fortier – becomes 1st player in league history to hit 40 career home runs!
Jo Jefferson – 13th all time with 108 career at-bats (up 1 spot!)
Rocio Velasquez – 32nd all time with 31 career hits (up 5 spots!)
Yogi Acharya – T-23rd all time with 42 career hits (up 4 spots!)
Leigh Kittson – T-26th all time with 5 career doubles (up 6 spots!)
Laura Pin – T-49th all time with 18 career hits (up 8 spots!)

Rouge River
Gita Madan – 47th all time with 32 career at-bats (up 6 spots!)
Stu Schlusser – T-26th all time with 5 career doubles (up 5 spots!)                                                                                                   Karl Gardner -is currently tied for the highest career batting average (min. 50 at-bats) in league history at .743
Lainie Basman – 14th in league history with 64 career hits (up 1 spot!)


FIRSTS & Seconds

Home Runs
Natalia Saavedra – Humber (2) and Andrew Norton – Humber (2) and Andy Smith – Rouge (2) and Andrew Stokes – Rouge (2) second career home runs!



Ahead by a Century

Nav Sidhu – Rouge River (102), Devin Clancy – Don River (100), and Merle Davis – Rouge River (100) all joined a select number of players in league history to record 100 career at-bats!


TH Vega has a string of three straight games scoring exactly 1 run and earning 1 run batted in


Richard Peters becomes the 35th player in league history to eclipse the 50 At-Bat plateau. An important milestone of longevity for the league!!!