August 20th 2017


This week’s early match featured the charging Mastodons against the migrating Rainbow Trout and it was clear that a great collision was about to occur. The last game of the pre-eclipse 2017 era, the Field of Dreamer’s played under an usually sunny field as the last sweaty days of summer dripped with the sappy emotion of a Death Cab for Cutie song.  While the action on the field was filled with exciting plays, including Rachel Smalls over the head swings for base hits, in the stands, our weekly play-by-play announcer, Michael, stopped by to play a game he called “Five Innocent Questions” and though we only got through two of the five questions before a heroic 18-10 victory for the flapping fish, we did learn that: 1. Michael’s favourite city (outside of Toronto) is: Athens, Greece.  2. A meal that Micheal learned from his mother that he still makes to this day is: Potato Latkes. 3. Micheal is of Ukrainian descent and has been married a number of times. 4. The best part of Michael’s week is watching our ball games and yelling “Let’s Make Baseball!” – a phrase he is certain to have coined, confirming Umar & Jess’s suspicion from earlier in the season.

In the nighttime bill, the Humber River Hustle got some spot support from Dancing Deeve, Grooving Graeme, and Disco Darren as they went to work under the bright lights of SkyDome to face off with the “Only Dance Acceptable is Dance to Tune of Marching Band” Soviets who welcomed Comrade Ryan Hayes to bolster their Red Army. The Disco Divas played some stellar defence with Yogi Acharya notably snaring a Soviet Missile off the bat of the Jarl of Dufferinikov that left burn marks in his glove. While the Hustle got out to a good lead, the Ballsheviks gave them a red scare in the third inning with a powerful five run burst. But in the end, the Hustle brought some feel good levity to the austere communists and walked away with a 23-11 victory.

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Credit River
Peter Demakos – 26th all time in career hits with 45 (up 8 spots!)
Linda Swanston – becomes the 66th player in league history to reach the 25 at-bat plateau (26)
Robin Smillie – T-51st all time with 22 career singles (up  6 spots!)
Robyn Letson – becomes the 20th player in league history to reach 30 career RBIs (up 3 spots!)

Don River

Jennifer Mussell – becomes 55th player in league history to reach 20 career hits (up 8 spots!)
Jessica Duarte – currently ranks 9th in the league in runs scored this season with 23!
Karen Campbell – 44th all time with 26 career singles (up 6 spots!)
Annelies Cooper – currently ranks 2nd in the league in singles this season with 33!
Darren Puscas – first player to break the single season record for at-bats (69) held by Devin Clancy (2016, 60), hits (53) held by Adrian Rodill (2007, 45), and triples (8) held by Francisco Villegas (2007, 7).
Noah Adams – T-22nd all time with 87 career at-bats (up 3 spots!)
Ryan Hayes – becomes the 2nd player in league history to pass 300 career at-bats (306)!
Terrance Luscombe – 11th all time with 7 career triples (up 1 spot!)

Humber River
Craig Fortier – first player in the league to break the single season record for doubles (19) held by Johann Juarez (2015, 18).
Janine Caster – becomes 37th player in league history to reach 60 at-bats plateau (up 3 spots!)
Jenny Chan – T-5th all time in career hits with 110 (up 1 spot!)
Jo Jefferson – becomes 15th player in league history to reach 35 career RBIs (up 3 spots!)
Andrew Norton – currently ranks 2nd in league batting average, posting an .857 mark thus far!
Richard Peters – T-21st all time in career hits with 53 (up 4 spots!)
Yogi Acharya – becomes the first player to break the single season singles record (35) set by Devin Clancy (2016, 33)!

Rouge River
Karl Gardner – T-6th all time in career doubles with 26 (up 1 spot!)
Kate Uffelman – T-46th in league history with 28 career hits (up 5 spots!)
Lainie Basman- T-12th all time in career at-bats with 122 (up 2 spots!)
Andrew Stokes – 33rd player in league history to reach 30 career singles (up 11 spots!)
Merle Davis – currently ranks 4th in the league with 61 at-bats this season (become 4th player (along with Darren Puscas, Karl Gardner, and Yogi Acharya) to break Devin Clancy’s record setting 60 at-bat mark in 2016)!
Rachele Clemente -T-44th all time with 29 career hits (up 7 spots!)
Umar Saeed – T-29th in league history with 5 career doubles (up 4 spots!)
Gita Madan- currently ranks 5th in the league with 60 at-bats this season!


FIRSTS & Seconds

Runs Batted In
Graeme Bacque (2) – Humber River

Devin Clancy (1) – Don River




Matthew Poggi (Don) (50), Katie German (Humber) (52), and Stuart Schlusser (54)  all moved above the 50 at-bat mark becoming the 42nd, 43rd, and the 44th players in league history to reach that mark!!

Ahead by a Century Fish

Colin Hastings (102) and Rachel Small (101) become the first set of teammates to reach the 100 hit plateau on the same night. They become 8th and 9th players in league history to reach that mark! 

Quarter Century Fish

Alex Brant (25) and Niloofar Golkar (25) become the first set of teammates to reach the 25 hit plateau on the same night. They become the 51st and 52nd players in league history to reach that mark!

Touch ‘Em All, Mira! 

Mira Dineen becomes the first super-sub in Field of Dreamer’s history recording a game played with all four river teams (Humber, Rouge, Don, and Credit)