Giibwanisi’s Anishinaabemowin Interpretation of Our 2023 Spirit Statement

Whether you are a new player or a seasoned one,

Giishpin endogwen weshki-bakitejii’igewanen gemaa gaye netaa-bakitejii’igewanen,

Whether if you are a new baseball player or a seasoned ball player, the principles of care – cooperation –

Gidaa-debweyendamomin i’iw bami’idiwin – wiidookodaadiwin

We should believe that the helping of one another, caring of one another mutual respect – accountability – and

Manaandenidiwin – apenindiwin miinawaa

Respecting of one another, trust in one another competition are weaved into in the league!

bakinodaadiwin ge-izhi-bakitejii’igeyang and 

Competition should be how we (inclusively) play baseball. Like any radical project, we are a work in process

Dibishko eta gegoo niigaani-anokaajigan, gigagwe-aabiji-anji-bimaadizimin

Just like any leading project, we continuously strive to change our lives and we need to recognize how the heightened intensity

Gaye nanda-gikendamang dash ge-ani-ozaamendamang eniwek

And seek to recognize  how we can become too impassioned of playoffs might shift our behaviours

Gagwejikanidiwin daa-anji-izhiwebiziwangwen

Competition (race) might change our behaviours and emotions.

gaye gidinendamowininaanin

It’s okay to be LOUD, BOISTEROUS,

minwendaagwad ji-gizhiiwewidamang,

It is good, (for us) to be be loud COURAGEOUS, SNEAKY but remember that

Ji-zoongide’eyang, ji-gimoodiziyang, aanawi ji-noonde-mikwendamang iw

For us to be brave, for us to be sneaky, however we must remember that  before all else we’re here to be PALS AND

Abaamashi kina gegoo aapideg bagami-ayaayang ji-wiijikiwendiyang miinawaa

Before all else, we assuredly arrive (here) to be in friendship with one another and COMMUNITY.


Because we are a community (place of many hearts)