August 18th 2019


A massive rain storm passed through Trinity Bellwoods park only 2 hours before game time. A scurrying of dreamers scouted the field, made some emails, and finally the decision to go forward was made. It was a glorious decision as the rain gave breath to a perfect evening of ball.

In the first game of the evening, it was the Garrison Creek Glimmer trying to outshine the Don River Don of the Dead. The Dead, as usual, were really just out for brains and saw Garrison as a prime culinary candidate. In the second game, the Credit River Care Bears were trying to play the hero to the villainous bandits of Rouge. But the Rouge River Raccoons were out to show that Trash Pandas might have a bad rep, but they sure can clang around on the ball field.

If you wanna know the results…


Photo Credit: Victoria Barnett 🙂


By Craig Fortier, Credit River Care Bears

There’s an interesting contrast between the Greens of Garrison and the Purples of Don. The Glimmer represent that first twinkle of life after the big bang and the Dead represent that last breath of air before you are uh…undead. And despite their fates being set for the playoffs, this didn’t stop these two teams from playing like it was life and death.

It was Garrison who came out in front with some interstellar blasts off the bats of Colin Hastings, Paulina Rousseau, and Luke Fox and some supersonic speed around the bases from Kari Pederson, Annelies Cooper, and the under the weather Devin “420” Clancy. Garrison’s combination of speed and power was a good equation to bury the Dead early.

But those graves were dug far too shallow and it was Don River who showed life in the middle innings. Piling up walking corpses, the loveable Zombies were led by a 4 hit night from Jo Jefferson, including an exciting double, and some all out passion (at least for zombies) in play thanks to the likes of Joseph Bautista, Ro Velasquez Guzman, Tyler Chartrand, and Rachele Gottardi who made a record for most falls in the season with least amount of serious injuries! Fingers crossed.

But the galaxy is far too vast to have a sustained Zombie outbreak and despite the push for brains, the Glimmer sustained their trajectory and pulled out a 17-10 victory!

Final score Garrison Creek 17 – Don River 10.


By Craig Fortier, Credit River Care Bears

The evening matchup saw the Rouge River Raccoons looking to sniff out their 6th consecutive victory and to put themselves out of reach from Humber and Credit. The Care Bears, meanwhile were heard practicing their encouraging cheers including one lovely melody developed by Bow-Tie Bear, Jarl Gardner, to teach the fellow cubbies when to run and when to hold on the basepaths.

The Care Bears, lovers of jingles, took to this cheer with great enthusiasm and exploded into the game with love, lollypops and laser beam blasts around the field. Heartened by the return to the lineup of Bright Smile Bear Leigh Kittson and Dying on the Inside Bear Terrance Luscombe, the Care Bears belted out 4 runs in the first inning.

The Raccoons meanwhile, were playing short-pawed and despite their dexterity, the first inning was an adjustment. The Raccoons welcomed papa Trash Panda, Stuart Schussler back to the den and in his 2nd at-bat he blasted a home run to thank everyone for their well wishes. But the Care Bear defense was sparkling with Jenny Chan, Merle Davis Matthews, and Robyn Letson snapping up balls and sending them in rainbow arcs towards pots of gold for outs.

The Care Bears lived vigorously in this game and they maxed out with 5 runs in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th inning with lots of running by the likes of Lainie Basman, and a first career home run from Alie Hermanutz!

Sena Hussain, Susannah Mulvale, LJ Robinson, and Shelagh Pizey Allen mounted a spirited cheer to uplift the numerous subs who came out to pick through the trash and it led to a massive outburst of runs that was capped by a Jan Braun double! Scoring 8 in the top of the 5th the Raccoons narrowed the score to 19-15. But that’s as far as they would come to opening the Green Bins on the night and it was the Care Bears who would leave victorious.

Final score Rouge River 15 – Credit River 19

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Credit River
Leigh Kittson– becomes 58th player in league history to reach 20 career runs scored!
Merle Davis Matthews– see oddities below!
Terrance Luscombe– with 4 doubles last game, moves into a tie for 7th on the all-time list with 37 career doubles!
Lainie Basman– see oddities below!
Jenny Chan– see oddities below!
Jarl Gardner– becomes 5th player in league history to reach 120 career runs scored (121)!
Robyn Letson– currently tied for 17th on the alltime list with 182 career at-bats!
Victoria Barnett– currently ranks 9th on the single season leaders list with 70 at-bats on the season. Victoria needs 15 more at-bats this season to tie the record set by Darren Puscas in 2017!
Alie Hermanutz– see oddities below!

Don River
Joseph Bautista- currently ranks 13th on the single season list with 67 at-bats this season (1 less than last season’s 68)!
Ryan Roantree – becomes the 87th player in league history to reach 15 career hits (16)!
T Vega – currently tied for 39th on the all-time list with 104 career at-bats!
Jo Jefferson – becomes 14th player in league history to reach 125 career hits!
Tyler Chartrand – becomes 66th player in league history to reach 3 career doubles!
Ro Velasquez Guzman – becomes 36th player in league history to score 35 career runs!

Humber River
No Humber Players Played this Week

Rouge River
Shelagh Pizey Allen – becomes 47th player in league history to reach 55 career hits!
LJ Robinson – currently tied for 16th on the all time list with 22 career doubles!
Sena Hussain – becomes 72nd player in league history to reach 25 career hits (26)!
Susannah Mulvale- becomes 56th player in league history to reach 20 career runs scored!
Stuart Schussler- currently tied for 10th on the all-time list with 7 career home runs!

Garrison Creek
Devin Clancy – becomes the 9th player in league history to score 90 career runs!
Annelies Cooper – becomes the 5th player in league history to reach 145 career singles!
Ryan Hayes – becomes the 1st player in league history to reach 175 career singles!
Paulina Rousseau – recorded first 5 hit game of career!
Kari Pederson – becomes 92nd player in league history to reach 30 career at-bats (32)!
Colin Hastings – currently tied for 2nd on the single season list with 8 triples this season. Darren Puscas is the single season leader with 12 triples in 2017.
Kaleigh MacGregor-Bales – becomes 65th player in league history to reach 30 career hits!
Luke Fox – becomes 80th player in league history to reach 35 career at-bats (36)!
Danielle Benton – see oddities below!

Kira Liss – becomes 163rd player to take an at-bat in the Field of Dreamers league!
Jan Braun – currently tied for 49th on the all-time list with 4 career doubles!



50-50 DRAW

Lainie Basman and Merle Davis Matthews become the 23rd and 24th player in league history respectively to score 50 career runs! They did so in the same inning giving their team (Credit River) the lead!


Jenny Chan (Credit River) becomes the 10th player in league history to reach 80 career runs batted in and the 14th player in league history to reach 80 carer runs scored (81)!


Alie Hermanutz (Credit River) records first career triple and first career home run on the same night!

Ryan Roantree (Don River) records first career double!

Danielle Benton (Garrison Creek) records first career triple!