Softball Astrology

A special cosmic message from our very wonderful vibe commissioner, Annelies Cooper!

Hello dear Dreamers!

As a ‘Vibe Commissioner’ I’m sending a message to remind you all that even as we enter the playoffs, our primary commitments in this league are to the spirit of community, inclusivity, cooperation, growth and creating an affirmative, supportive and encouraging space to play and enjoy the sport. Playoffs can amplify competitiveness and our desires for certain outcomes of games can sometimes start to overshadow these other commitments. So, this is just a friendly reminder to keep these desires in the balance with our leagues’ guiding principles, which Craig circulated earlier this week. Please respect the calls of umpires, and if there is conflict, let your captains and umpires manage it. If you have any issues feel free to talk to your captain, myself, or any other member of the Coordinating Committee. 

Now, please enjoy the  ⚾✨Softball Astrology Forecast for all on Sunday, September 19:

  • Today’s Pisces Moon awakens our need for refreshment or escape of sorts. Ideally, this is a time for decompressing, winding down, mellowing out. We come to the final weeks of the season for the joy in play and being in community in making baseball. While we seek some individual team success, we’re also in great shape for supporting one another more broadly.
  • However, we can be easily swayed when competition takes centre of focus. Stay on course, hold on to what motivates you to play in this league, and what of this league is important to you. 
  • This Moon transit can serve to heighten our awareness of our broader relationships and our collective needs. We have a strong sense of intuition in this phase that can point us in the right direction when things go astray.
  • We might have a tendency towards conflict and confrontation. In these situations, if you meet conflict and confrontation head on with compassion and an ethic of care, all tensions can be released.

Don Don Revolution – Libra

A Cardinal air sign, Libra initiates relationships, seeking balance and harmony. Sun in Libras are just, sociable, refined, accommodating, kind, fair, diplomatic, likable, respectful, and artistic. Our Don Don Revolution siblings are both social butterflies and intellectual souls, their love of DDR balanced with their intellectual commitment to revolution gives them away as a typical Libra. Their compassion, empathy, and attuned sense of the league’s dynamics contributes a strong sense of justice and fairness to our league this season. This balance has been reflected in their team’s style this season. They danced their way through challenges in good spirits, never losing sense of the league’s core principle that all players be welcomed and included in the enjoyment of softball.

Horoscope for Don (Libra) on Sept. 19

Asserting yourself can feel like an awkward dance when you’re still trying to get the choreography right. Sometimes, what really helps is not false bravado, but a subtle posture correction to bring you back into alignment with yourself.

Another person’s idea of bravery doesn’t have to be your own. Besides — the sort of mad-dogging that often passes for strength doesn’t suit your nuanced, deliberating ways. You do your best when you take stock of your strengths and two-step into them with confidence and let yourself have a little fun.

Equilibrium is steady, but never static. You are finding your footing as a generative force to be reckoned with. Your perseverance, dedication, and hard work over the past few months are soon to be rewarded.

Credit River Cuties – Scorpio
A fixed sign, Scorpio stabilizes, as the Cuties certainly did in their coming together from initially finding themselves playing captainless for a couple weeks. Ruled by the element of water, their responsiveness to their situation and intuitiveness has showed their Scorpio traits: determination, intensity, strong willpower, and an innate sense of how to get what they want when the moment is just right. Scorpios never give up, have tremendous staying power and are not intimidated by anybody or anything. Scorpios learn optimism, instead of expecting the worse they possess amazing regenerative powers – to heal, create and transform. Our dear Cuties embodied these abilities with their signature style and flair. 

Horoscope for Credit (Scorpio) for Sept. 19

With Venus in Scorpio for another few weeks, it’s time to grace the rest of the world with your most legendary smolder. Anyone can be cute, but not everyone can do sultry the way you can. 

No matter the reasons and the foundation for the current creative and generative energy you have, it is there, and it is becoming inspiring. Use the motivation to collect yourself and adapt to the situations that you find yourself in. 

The story that’s been unfolding this season for you is replanting: that of yourself in new soil, establishing firmer roots, and navigating the resulting shake-ups in your world. After so much change in such a short amount of time, you’re feeling firmer in yourself and your relationships. It’s time to bask in that glory.

Humber River Habaneros – Leo

A fixed fire sign, Leo stabilizes with a warm and entertaining persona in the hopes of gaining attention and having their creative self-expression witnessed. Leos are magnanimous, generous, hospitable, caring, warm, authoritative, active, open. They are motivated by affection for people, love to make people happy and to perform. The Habaneros early on showed us their typical Leo love of theatrics, showing off their spicy pepper-eating as they stepped up to the plate. While Leos are gregarious and confident on the surface, they have humble souls, like our dear spicy footed Habaneros. They are idealistic, and climbed out of an 0-3 early record without ever losing their infectious good spirits. 

Horoscope for Humber (Leo) for September 19
The Moon spends the day in your solar eighth house, dear Leo, and you seek greater self-understanding, or you experience a sense of inner strength and resolve. It’s an excellent time to focus on what you’ve achieved so far and where you are going. 

Emotional satisfaction comes from depth experiences or applying yourself to something hearty. There can be unexpected pleasures or an interesting break in the routine that puts you in a forward-looking mood. It can also be a fertile time for creative interactions with loved ones and league-mates. This fertile environment lends itself to your own ripening to your fullest, most mature (and spicy) self. 

Rouge River Rainbow Rebellion – Aries A cardinal fire sign, and the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries are natural leaders and initiators. They are energetic and action oriented, enjoying challenges and asserting themselves with confidence into any challenge. The Rebels of the season bear these traits, coming out the gate this season with a strong string of victories. Their assertiveness and confidence on the diamond from week 1 showed their strength, courage and innate ability to lead and act on their own inspiration. Aries knows what they want and how to get it, and our Rouge siblings made that clear this season as they let their skill and strength shine through to head into playoffs in that first place position.
Horoscope for Rouge (Aries) for Sept. 19

It’s not always going to be crystal clear whether you’re on offense or defense, but these next few weeks will present you with opportunities to practice good sportsmanship and occupy the middle of both extremes.

If other people test your patience, know that you have more of it to draw on than you think. If there’s a disagreement in the midst of a tricky negotiation, know that a certain degree of compromise can push you through the bottleneck of what could have been an impasse.

Conflict takes you deeper into the heart of any relationship. This whole season has been about disrupting familiar modes of self-reliance and offloading some of your individual burdens onto the sturdier bedrock of community. Your idea of success has transformed in a similar mode and these next few weeks help you flourish in the radical prosperity that comes with the network of care you have helped build.

Garrison Creek Gargoyles – Capricorn
A Cardinal earth sign, Capricorn initiates disciplined action in order to accomplish great feats. Capricorns know how to utilize their resources and make things work. They are tenacious, resourceful, disciplined, wise, and ambitious. Like the astrological mountain goat, our Gargoyles find security in cliffs and heights, demonstrating an incredible ability to climb to the highest of heights with a constant sureness. This was undoubtedly reflected in the Gargoyles’ style of play. A team full of players who were the first to volunteer to sub, ump, and contribute in myriad ways to the spirit of the league these typical Capricorns showed a strong sense of responsibility, dependability and loyalty. Our lovely Gargolye Capricorns have shown a tireless commitment to get things done, both for their team and the broader league. 

Horoscopes for Garrison (Capricorn) for September 19

You wouldn’t be entirely wrong if it’s starting to feel like it often falls on you to set a good example. As you assume that particular mantle once more, committing to a balanced expression of tact and restraint may prove challenging, especially if there are things you’re tempted to express in a less equivocating manner.

Luckily, on Sunday the Moon spends the day in your solar sector of communication, connection, and movement, dear Capricorn. You also find yourself busy, more connected, and sometimes a little scattered. 

But you will enjoy an opportunity to share a vision with your community in unique and creative ways. You could be feeling confident, creative, and ready to move forward as the Moon connects well with Venus and Uranus. With your curiosity engaged, you’re seeking out new plays or interesting interactions. This can be a magical day when it comes to friends, connections, and softball. Mutually beneficial relationships are in focus now.


*I am not a real astrologer and I’ve heavily relied on internet sources of real horoscopes for Sept. 19 to write (and copy and paste) these horoscopes and sign descriptions.

Final note: I can’t wait to make these next 3 weeks the most spectacular of the season with you all. After a cancelled 2020 season, and a delayed start in 2021, playing softball this season has been such a soothing balm for everything the world has been throwing at our communities these past few years. You are all amazing, wonderful players and humans.

Annelies (Humber River Habaneros #27)