September 10th 2017


The first regular season in Field of Dreamer’s history came to an end on a cool night under the Bellwoods lights. The people who began the season as a motley crew of outcasts on the diamonds of the city streamed onto the SkyDome field like seasoned pros.  They pulled bases from the bags and set up the field, they spread throughout the field playing catch, stretching and taking some swings, they dusted their jerseys and adjusted their caps and set out to finish this historic season – all of them with an eye on next week’s playoffs.

The early evening tilt featured the Hustle & Trout in a preview of the first ever post-season game in Field of Dreamer’s history. The Trout glistened in their powder blues as the Hustle shined in their flashy yellows as Niloofar Golkar dug in for the first at-bat, a base-hit to left field.  The fish were flying from the onset of the game and Niloo’s hit was followed by a series of swats that had the Trout sucking air through their gills as they rounded the bases!  The Hustle were in for a tough game as they reeled back on their dancing shoes and teetered to a 10-3 deficit.  The brilliant plays by the lovable Trout was contrasted to the flip flopping on the dance floor of the Hustle. Notably, Craig Fortier took a couple tumbles in the batter’s box and it seemed that perhaps the Hustle were going to spend the rest of the dance as wallflowers to the formidable fish.  The crowd of fans (mostly Don and Rouge River players) found it hard to watch the game as the gleamed at the newly minted “Ball-In-Cup” champion, Alex Brant stationed at first base.

However, in a moment of desperation, Richard Peters took Craig aside and explained that the problem was that his socks were on the wrong feet and that’s why the Hustle had gotten off to a bad start. And so it was that the player known as “bumble bee” striped down to his bare feet swapping his black and yellow striped hose onto opposite sides. The Hustle had triggered the first 8-run mercy limit and it was at this point that they began to get their footing, maxing out at 8 runs with some incredible runs by Yogi Acharya, Janine Caster, Andrew Norton, and some hands on guidance by Richard Peters.  The game quickly turned it’s tide back in favour of the Hustle, though both teams danced to the finish line with grace.  The final score of 19-12 doesn’t accurately reflect the nail-biting closeness and with another slow start against the Trout in the playoffs, the Hustle might finally lose the number spot on the Billboard charts. (Craig Fortier – Humber River)

On this same cool night in September with our Frisbee-throwing friends in the distance, the Ballsheviks hard-fought and won their last pre-playoffs coup. But they also found out, inning-by-inning, that the stomping Mastodons may be their revolutionary equals. The crowd sat at the edge of their seat not knowing the victor until the very last batter in. They witnessed some of the best-made baseball all season.

Six innings in total, riveting each in equal measure. The Ballsheviks started off hot with a 2 run lead. But the lovable giant beasts pump a lot of blood too so the game heated up even more: the Dons had a perfect 2nd inning to change their fate with 7 great hits, no outs and 5 runs, and the Ballsheviks pushed back with a back-to-back spectacle of out-of-the-park hits by Andrew Stokes and Jarl Gardner.

Then, the tide turned in the 3rd inning with a dreamy home run by Darren Puscas that brought 3 batters home, coupled with brilliant defense in the bottom of the 3rd that held back the Ballsheviks from scoring their max 5 putting the Mastodons 1 point ahead.

In the 4th a spectacular hit by Ryan Hayes sealed the fate of a third 5/5 score for the proboscideans that triggered the new and more equitable mercy rule giving the Ballsheviks the chance at catching up, which they did. But it wasn’t the rule that made the Ballsheviks turn their fate, it was their hard-hitting inning and awesome skills that scored them 7 runs putting the game at a nail-biting 16-15 score in their favour.

The 5th and 6th innings were gripping. “What’s the score?” asked a Ballshevik player. All the players looked toward their coach, Merle. “Does the score really matter, like, aren’t we here just to have fun?” replied Merle. The score was tied.

The Ballsheviks squeaked out a victory with their very last out. The last words of the night went to Jess Duarte who reassured the field her “teeth are still in” after a fielding mishap. But Ballsheviks beware, because the last words may have been prophetic: when both teams face off again in the playoffs next week, the Mastodons will show their teeth. (Jessica Duarte – Don River and Umar Saeed – Rouge River).

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Credit River
Rachel Small – 5th all time in career singles with 93 (up 1 spot!)
LJ Robinson – becomes 7th player in team history to reach 70 runs scored!
Michelle Roseman – becomes 58th player in league history to record at least 20 career singles! d
Linda Swanston – becomes 61st player in league history to record at least 15 career singles (up 5 spots!)
Colin Hastings – currently ranks 3rd in batting average this season with an .849 mark

Don River

Devin Clancy- becomes 7th player in league history to record 70 career singles (up 2 spots!)
Brianna Greaves -becomes 56th player in league history to record at least 25 career hits (up 3 spots!)
Darren Puscas – becomes 1st player in league history to record at least 60 hits in a single season!
Karen Campbell – becomes 41st player in league history to record at least 30 career singles (up 6 spots!)
Annelies Cooper – currently leads the league with 39 singles and is 2nd in batting average with an .851 mark!
Matthew Poggi- becomes 19th player in league history to record at least 10 career doubles!
Ryan Hayes – becomes 2nd player in league history to record 160 career runs batted in!

Humber River
Craig Fortier – continues to lead the league in doubles (22) on the season
Janine Caster -becomes 34th player in league history to reach 40 career hits (up 3 spots!)
Laura Pin – becomes 49th player in league history to reach 25 career singles (up 6 spots!)
Andrew Norton – T-10th in league history with 5 career home runs (up 1 spot!)
Jenny Chan -becomes 11th player in league history to scored at least 50 runs (52) (up 2 spots!)
Rocio Velasquez -T-32nd all time with 22 career runs scored (up 4 spots!)
Natalia Saavedra -T-20th all time with 9 career doubles (up 7 spots!)
Katie German – becomes 40th player in league history to record 35 career hits (up 2 spots!)
Richard Peters – becomes 8th player in league history to record 20 career doubles (up 2 spots!)

Rouge River
Karl Gardner – with 12 home runs this season, is 1 away from tying the single season mark (held by Adrian Rodill, 2007 and Karl Gardner 2016)
Lainie Basman- becomes 8th player in league history to record at least 70 career singles!
Kate Uffelman – T-42nd all time with 33 career hits (up 4 spots!)
Nav Sidhu – becomes 10th player all time to record 65 career singles (up 3 spots!)
Shelagh Pizey Allen – 59th player in league history to record 20 career hits (21)!
Andrew Stokes -currently tied for 2nd in runs scored on the season with 36!
Merle Davis – becomes 13th player in league history to record at least 60 career singles (up 2 spots!)
Rachele Clemente -ranks 6th all time with 66 at-bats in a single season!
Stu Schlusser- becomes the 35th player in league history to record 30 career hits (up 3 spots!)


FIRSTS & Seconds

Niloofar Golkar (2) – Credit River

Jo Jefferson (1) – Humber River

Home Runs
Terrance Luscombe (1) – Don River (1st of season, 3rd of career, T-14th on all time list)

Runs Scored
Meghan Wright (1) – Credit River





Robin Smillie (Credit) (53), Jennifer Mussel (Don) (52), Andy Smith (Rouge) (51), and Jessica Duarte (Don) (50) become the 49th, 50th, 51st, and 52nd players in league history to record at least 50 at-bats and qualify as an all-time player in league history!!!!

50/50 CLUB

Robyn Letson (51) and Peter Demakos (50) become the 25th and 26th players in league history to record at least 50 hits and the first set of teammates to do so on the same night!


Alex Brant (Credit) is the inaugural “Ball-In-Cup” champion and is also tied for 44th in league history with 28 career singles!


Yogi Acharya (Humber) with speed and persistence and Umar Saeed (Rouge) with power and a smooth glide each hit for the cycle (a single, double, triple, home run in the same game) with Umar Saeed powering up one more time for a second triple!!