2022 Sub Registration & Draft Day

Thank you everyone for your interest in the 2022 season! Our registration filled up more quickly than we’ve ever experienced! We’re excited to launch the new season and can’t wait to have you join for our draft day!

Draft day

Draft day is a live event where we sort our teams into the five “houses” or teams of the league, each named after a watershed in the Toronto area.

This year’s draft day takes place on April 11 at 7PM ET. We’ll release more information as the day approaches.

Substitute players

This year’s registration filled up more quickly than we’ve ever experience in our league history! We want to thank everyone for your interest and enthusiasm! After this year’s registration, we’ll be reflecting on ways to make our registration process more transparent.

If you want to play but missed registration or simply want a lighter commitment, you can join our substitute players list. Learn more about subbing for the Field of Dreamers and fill out the form here.