Umpiring – Learners and Volunteers

If you’d like to help the league and/or learn more about baseball, this is a great opportunity! Even volunteering for one game goes a long way. Just show up early or stay behind after your game one week. Umpires help other players focus on play and keep the flow of the game going. You don’t need to be an expert at baseballing to be an umpire. If you want to learn or be mentored we can make that happen! This year the schedule has four slots per game: 2 ‘experienced’ and 2 ‘learning’ players. If you are learning, we can have you shadow and get you in a spot to succeed and make some easier calls while helping keep track of outs/runs/etc.

As a reminder, we use the same Guiding Principles when communicating with umpires as we do with other players in the league. The umpire’s decisions are final, and we can talk between innings or after the game for clarification. 

Sign up here to umpire AND to learn! The schedule is here. If you see an empty slot in a time that works for you, put your name down.