The Dreamer’s Tribune: Karl’s 200 & 100 Milestones

Karl Gardner of the Credit River Care Bears reflects on 200 at-bats and 100 runs.

When Craig asked to me to sub for the Uncertainty a few years ago, I probably agreed less because I wanted to play softball and more because I wanted to see some friendly faces out in the sun on the occasional afternoon. However, after experiencing the deep community and ethic of care that the Uncertainty was organized around–and after finding that softball was actually super fun–I knew I’d be coming back! 

I’m so glad that we took these principles community, care, and friendly competition and built a league of our own upon them. I’ve played a handful of different organized sports over the years, and none have been as nourishing as the Field of Dreamers. Now, I’m always blabbing on to my friends about our league and how unique what we’ve built really is. And the walk-up songs? A+.

Reaching 200 at-bats under the lights at the Skydome has been so much fun. And to reach 100 runs (shouldn’t it be getting easier to run around those bases?!) is a testament to all the great teammates I’ve had who’ve batted me in on the Rouge River Ballsheviks, the Credit River Comrades, and this year the Credit River Care Bears. Looking forward to an amazing third season on the field with all you dreamers!

Game Cancelled: May 12, 2019

May 12, 2019

The coordinating committee discussed the weather conditions today from 4-6pm including: field condition, temperature, rain, forecast, and presence of extreme weather.

Given the current and forecasted weather, we have decided that this week’s games are cancelled. 

May 5th 2019


In the post-season era where the weather can turn from 25 degrees and sunny to -1 degrees with sleet in a matter of hours, there is no season that is now as regular as ball season. And so as the calendar flipped to May, the Dreamers took the field on an (unusually? typical? moderately surprising?) balmy May evening for the start of the third season in league history.

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2018 Playoffs – Championships – September 16 2018


Summer wandered back into our lives to grace us with beautiful weather for the final game of another successful Field of Dreamers season.  As we tuck this season in, draw the comfy sheets, and play some soft music on 2018, let us remember the spirit that ran through the Credit River Comrades, the Don River Valley Cats, the Humber River Humdingers, and the Rouge River Blush.  Each of you gave to this league in an immensely spirited way and we are thankful to all of our players, subs, fans, and volunteers who help make each season possible.

Despite the sleepy start, the two final games were filled with action that was modulated by the affable Robin Smillie who took the mic to call play-by-play for both matches and her hosts Colin Hastings and Andrew Stokes who provided thrilling colour commentary!! But the real question remained, would the Comrades make one final push at the Eastern door to secure the bronze medal game or would the Valley Cats scratch and claw their way back into the third spot?  Would the Humber River Humdingers be singing “We Are the Champions” or would the Rouge River Blush make all their doubters hush?

If you are curious as to the results then you’ll have to keep reading to find out!

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