June 16th 2017


The mood was jovial as the stomping Mastodons took on the fleet of foot Hustle in the first game of the night.  Early on the Hustle were logging a lot of RPMs as they jumped out to an early lead on the strengths of big hits by Natalia Saavedra, Leigh Kittson and Andrew Norton and a hustle home run off the bat of the finely dressed Yogi Acharya! Yet it was a bunch of b-sides that ruled the day with small hits from Rocio Velasquez, Jenny Chan, Craig Fortier, Janine Caster, Jo Jefferson, Laura Pin, Katie German, and Richard Peters. But the Mastadons weren’t to be taken lightly – pun intended – as they stormed back in the final inning led by a mammoth – pun also intended – triple by Ryan Hayes that cashed in the always dependable Karen Campbell & Matthew Poggi.  With Annelies Cooper, Brianna Greaves, and Devin Clancy running in herds, some timely hitting from Jessica Duarte, Darren Puscas and Reena Reddy got the ‘Dons within one run – before an elephant shot was caught by Janine Caster to end the rampage. The Hustle danced to their 6th win of the season with a 14-13 victory.

In the second game, the mosquitoes were out in full force and it was the Trout looking to do some feeding! A back and forth affair with the loveable commies, softballs were flying out of the park off the bats of the Ballsheviks like the great Lenin festivals in Stalingrad circa 1968! This didn’t stop the Trout from biting at all those balls and a few extremely challenging dives by Colin Hastings just came up a little short.  But the Trout kept up their swim with great swats by Robin Smillie, Robyn Letson, and Rachel Small – and some solid defence by LJ Robinson, TH Vega, and Alex Brant. Despite these efforts, the Trout’s migration was blocked by the Iron Curtain and they flopped at the hands of the feisty pinkos by a tally of 18-15. However, Pravda is reporting the score as 100-0 declaring that the U.S.S.R. is much greater than lowly ryba. The Rainbow Trout have released a statement suggesting that this score was a little fishy.   The official scorebook will continue to read as an 18-15 victory for Rouge River.

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Credit River
TH Vega – T-51st all time with 33 career at-bats (up 9 spots!)
Colin Hastings – 4th all time with 29 career doubles (up 1 spot!)
LJ Robinson – becomes 5th player in league history to reach 110 career hits (up 1 spot!)
Alex Brant – T-49th all time with 19 career hits (up 6 spots!)
Robin Smillie – T-54th in league history with 32 career at bats (up 6 spots!)
Robyn Letson – becomes 20th player in league history to reach 25 runs scored (up 3 spots!)
Rachel Small – 9th player in league history to reach 90 career hits (91) (up 1 spot!)

Don River
Devin Clancy – 11th all time in career hits with 71 (up 1 spot!)
Karen Campbell – becomes 42nd player in league history to reach 25 career hits!     Annelies Cooper – T-10th all time with 55 career singles (up 3 spots!)
Ryan Hayes – T-2nd on all time list with 14 career triples (up 1 spot!)
Jennifer Mussell – T-51st all time with 10 career runs scored (up 13 spots!)
Jessica Duarte – T-3rd this season with 19 singles (T-41st all time – up  5 spots!)
Darren Puscas – T-14th all time with 9 career doubles (up 11 spots!)
Matthew Poggi – T-20th all time with 23 career RBIs  (up 7 spots!)
Reena Reddy – T-23rd all time with 34 career singles (up 5 spots!)

Humber River
Katie German – leads the league with 26 singles and is 5th in the league with 27 hits
Jenny Chan – becomes the 3rd player in league history to reach 100 career singles (101)!
Craig Fortier – leads the league with 32 hits
Jo Jefferson – T-16th all time with 59 career hits (up 1 spot!)
Rocio Velasquez – becomes 20th player in league history to reach 85 career at-bats!
Leigh Kittson – T-25th all time with 6 career doubles (up 4 spots!)
Richard Peters – 33rd all time in career at bats with 57 (up 3 spots!)
Janine Caster – T-44th all time with 24 career hits (up 4 spots!)
Andrew Norton- 10th in career home runs with 4 (up 4 spots!)
Laura Pin – T-28th all time with 18 career RBIs (up 5 spots!)

Rouge River
Gita Madan – T-44th all time with 36 career at-bats (up 10 spots!)
Stu Schlusser – T-25th all time with 6 career doubles (up 3 spots!)
Kate Uffelman – T-45th all time with 18 career singles (up 4 spots!)                                   Karl Gardner – leads the league history with 7 home runs this season!
Lainie Basman – becomes 14th player in league history to reach 65 career hits!
Merle Davis – T-2nd in the league with 43 at-bats this season!
Andrew Stokes – becomes 13th player in league history to reach 10 career doubles!
Rachele Clemente – T-5th in the league with 37 at bats this season!


FIRSTS & Seconds

Brianna Greaves (1) – Don

Natalia Saavedra (1) – Humber

Home Runs
Yogi Acharya (1) – Humber

(2) and Andrew Norton – Humber (2) and Andy Smith – Rouge (2) and Andrew Stokes – Rouge (2) second career home runs!



No Oddities to Report