July 21st 2019


Trinity Bellwoods Park turned in to a splendid environment for Sunday’s ritual of play. After a week filled with heat and muggy muggy nights, a small break provided the perfect atmosphere for a dreamy Dreamer evening under the … uh … flickering bulbs remaining in the flood lamps above.

In the early match, the Humber River Haze were trying to increase the smog index on the Rouge River Raccoons, while the Trash Pandas sought to take advantage of the hot nights to stock up wins for the fall. In the evening match, the Garrison Creek Glimmer were trying to orbit around the .500 mark while the Credit River Care Bears vied to push the caring meter up to 5 by claiming their 5th win of the season!

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Photo Credit: Victoria Barnett 🙂


By Craig Fortier, Credit River Care Bears

The rematch of the mighty Humber versus the mighty Rouge – the two paths of the Tkaronto Carrying Place trail was a marquee event in the early match for Sunday Night Baseball. The Haze were trying to pull the Raccoons out of the green bin, while the Rouge squad looked to scavenge a league leading 6th win of the season.

From the onset, the Haze were feeling the heat of the Trash Panda revolution as Rouge embarked on a major hitting affair. Led by two home runs from Big Panda, David Ravensbergen, and one home run from Feisty Koala, Nat Saavedra, the Raccoons snuck around the bases to post five run max’s in 4 of their 5 innings. LJ Robinson played a slick infield and Sena Hussain scampered through the dirt with 5 singles and the Raccoons showed the league why they have been the talk of the town.

The Haze however, were not to be lost in the fog. Some hot hot heat on the base paths from Nav Sidhu and Brianna Greaves. A couple thicc swats off the bats of Oskar Eliashevsky and Jill Aoki-Barrett. A few murky snags off the glove of Adam Dirks and Sarah Peek ….and lo and behold …the Haze made this game interesting. Pulling up 10 runs to halve the Rouge lead.

But there would be clear skies and stars out as the Raccoons came away with another victory and remain the toast of the Dreamer’s field.

Final score Humber River 10 – Rouge River 20.


By Craig Fortier, Credit River Care Bears

The Glimmer came to the diamond on a temperate Sunday evening ready to shine brightly and guide themselves to their 4th win of the season. Standing in their way were a group of feisty little ursus who hoped that they could spread some care throughout the land. Sitting at the round table, the Care Bears strategized that it would take a great field of caring to overcome the infinite expanse of the Garrison cosmos.

This was the defensive battle of the year with both teams sparkling in the field. A wild deflection at third base off the glove of Smile-A-Lot Bear Laura Pin, was retrieved by Tenderheart Bear Craig Fortier and spun to Stretch-A-Lot Bear Michelle Kidd to combine for one of the most exciting put outs of the season – catching the lighting quick Ryan Hayes by a nanosecond.

The Glimmer returned the sparkle with Kaleigh McGregor-Bales starring in a lead role in the catch it and tag it category. Playing a beautiful tandem with Krysta Williams, Colin Hastings, and Ryan Hayes, the Glimmer defense was not to be outshined. By the end of the 2nd inning the score remained 3-1 for Credit.

The Care Bears broke through the magnetic field of the Glimmer in the third thanks to some speedy feet and small ball as they clubbed single after single and ran their rays of love across the diamond. Pep-in-My-Step Bears Jenny Chan, Victoria Barnett, and Lainie Basman were helped out by Triples-Are-Fun Bears Karl Gardner and Terrance Luscombe. After 3 innings the score was 8-2 for the cubbies.

But after some mechanical changes to a couple of swings, the 5th inning brought a supernova breakthrough for the Glimmer! Sub Jasmine Irwin and Zombie Glitterati Joseph Bautista hit big flies while Johann Juarez and Ryan Hayes provided home runs that are still orbiting the Milky Way! But just as the rally was starting to seem endless, the Care Bears quelled the rockets and got some space debris to mess up the cosmic rays.

Surviving a late surge, the Care Bears were victorious.

Final score Garrison Creek 8 – Credit River 10

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Credit River
Jenny Chan– becomes 2nd player in league history to reach 160 career singles!
Victoria Barnett– becomes 64th player in league history to reach 50 career at-bats (51)!
Terrance Luscombe – T-8th all time with 11 career triples!
Laura Pin– T-43rd on the all time list with 56 career hits!
Jarl Gardner – T-3rd on the all time list with 18 career triples!
Michelle Kidd– becomes 87th player in league history to reach 25 career at-bats (26)!
Craig Fortier– is currently 2nd in the league with 33 hits on the season.
Merle Davis Matthews– needs 1 more single to reach 100 career singles!
Lainie Basman– tied for 24th on the all time list with 47 career runs scored!

Don River
Joseph Bautista- tied for 20th on the all time list with 4 career triples!

Humber River
Adam Dirks – becomes 83rd player in league history to reach 30 career at-bats!
Brianna Greaves – becomes 47th player in league history to reach 50 career hits (52)!
Alex Brant – tied for 19th on the all-time list with 58 career runs scored!
Nav Sidhu- see oddities below!
Jill Aoki-Barrett – tied for 57th on the all time list with 36 career hits!
Robin Smillie – tied for 35th on the all time list with 54 career singles!
Andy Smith- ranks 15th on the all time list with 114 career hits!
Niloofar Golkar – tied for 34th on the all time list with 114 career at-bats!
Sarah Peek- becomes 105th player in league history to reach 15 career at-bats (16)!
Samira Banihashemi- becomes 63rd player in league history to reach 50 career at-bats (51)!
Oskar Eliashevsky – tied for 52nd on the all time list with 3 career doubles!

Rouge River
Darren Puscas- 7th player player in league history to reach 110 career runs batted in!
Stuart Schussler – see oddities below!
LJ Robinson – is currently 1 run away from 100 career runs scored!
Sena Hussain – tied for 79th on the all-time list with 18 career hits!
David Ravensbergen- see oddities below!
Yogi Acharya- see oddities below!
Nat Saavedra- see oddities below!

Garrison Creek
Johann Juarez – currently ranks 2nd on the all-time list with 47 career home runs!
Devin Clancy – becomes 9th player in league history to reach 225 career at-bats!
Annelies Cooper – ranks 11th on the all-time list with 84 carer runs scored!
Ryan Hayes – see oddities below!
Krysta Williams- ranks 72nd on the all time list with 38 career at-bats!
Kaleigh McGregor-Bales – becomes 80th player in league history to reach 30 career at-bats (31)!
Colin Hastings – becomes 4th player in league history to reach 175 career hits (176)!

Jasmine Irwin – becomes 159th player to ever take an at-bat in the Field of Dreamers league!




Ryan Hayes eclipsed the 400 at-bat mark during this week’s game. This makes Ryan the 2nd player in league history to reach 400 at-bats (401) and Ryan did it with a HOME RUN!

25th to 50

Nav Sidhu (Humber River) becomes the 25th player in league history to reach 50 career runs batted in!


Teammates Nat Saavedra (Rouge) and Yogi Acharya (Rouge) become the 18th and 19th players in league history to record 5 career home runs!


Stuart Schussler becomes the 20th player in league history to reach 100 career hits (103)!! A+!!


David Ravensbergen hits career home runs 1 and 2 in the same game! First player in Field of Dreamers history to accomplish this feet!