Coordinating Committee

The coordinating committee is a group of volunteers, usually active players, who come together to organize the league every year. You likely already know of the league’s collaborative and do-it-yourself nature! The league is a labour of love and we come together with an ethos of care, compassion, and criticality. Read more about our guiding principles.

Annelies Cooper – Vibe/Social Commissioner
Craig Fortier – Logistics/Finance Commissioner
LJ Robinson – Communications Commissioner

Web & Communications
LJ Robinson
Jenny Chan
Rachele Clemente

Rules & Umpires
Andy Smith
Craig Fortier

Sub Players
Jill Aoki

Training & Safety Committee
Jenny Chan (safety)
Darren Puscas

League Support
Colin Hastings
Robyn Letson

We give our thanks to our fine and fantastic past coordinating committee members.