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Playoffs 2019 – Round 2


Week 2 of the 2019 playoffs featured the purples and blues of the Don River Don of the Dead and the Credit River Care Bears ready to use their respective supernatural to power their way into the bronze medal finals and keep their season alive for one more week. While the evening tilt placed the upstart Garrison Creek Glimmer against the powerhouse Rouge River Raccoons in a semi-final match that would determine who would go on to the Gold Medal game against the eerily-present Humber River Haze.

The pageantry of post-season ball was definitively present as a cohort of decorated cupcakes provided by Alie Hermanutz, Annelies Cooper, Robin Smillie, and Andy Smith flanked the 1st base stands and the deep baritone voice of Devin “420” Clancy rocked the mic for the first game’s play by play. Prior to the game, long-time vets Craig Fortier and Jenny Chan were thanked for their contributions to the league, with a card made by Victoria Barnett and Rachele Gottardi (and a special shout-out to Robyn Letson for bringing team-specific candy for the games!).

Would Don River’s army of the undead march past the cuddle Care Bears into the Bronze medal game or would the magical power of rainbows, unicorns, and collective care lead credit river to send the horde of zombies to their final resting place? Would the supersonic speed of the Garrison Creek Glimmer provide them with the supernova energy needed to blast into the finals or would the Rouge River Raccoons topple the Garrison dreams like a trash can rife with organics?

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Photo Credit: Victoria Barnett 🙂

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Playoffs 2019 – Round 1


Week 1 of the first ever five-team playoff format pitted the stealthy zombies from the Don River Don of the Dead against the starstruck asteroids from the Garrison Creek Glimmer in a matchup to see who would get to square off against the pesky Raccoons of Rouge River in round 2. Meanwhile, the evening tilt featured the harried fog of the Humber River Haze facing the cuddly cuddlers of the Credit River Care Bears in a bout that would determine who would advance to the Gold Medal game in Week 3 and who would square off against the loser of Don vs. Garrison for a chance at the Bronze medal.

Would Don River finally achieve enough brain eating to out flank the Glimmer or would Garrison Creek show us just how wide the expanse of the universe really is and take the game into interstellar territory? Would the Humber River squad heat up and blaze their way to the Gold Medal matchup or would the Care Bears band together in a unified rainbow of victory?

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Gif Credit: Robin Smillie 🙂

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August 25th 2019


The final weekend of the 2019 regular season was a festive one! With Merle hosting a pre-game hangout before they return to the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes and Garrison Creek Glimmerite Meg Wright hosting a game-time birthday hang, there was plenty of lovely people and memories to celebrate. The weather was perfect for ball with mild humidity and a cool breeze blowing out to the outfield.

There was only one last question to solve before the playoffs! Would the Humber River Haze or the Credit River Care Bears finish in 2nd place to claim home field advantage for the first round of the playoffs? It would take 2 whole games to solve this question.

In the opening game, the Credit River Care Bears hoped to outshine the Glimmer with rainbows, shamrocks, and lucky horseshoes, while Garrison Creek sought to get intergalactic in their warm up for the first round of the playoffs. In the evening matchup, the first place Rouge River Raccoons hoped to have a pre-playoff appetizer filled with smoky Haze, while the Humber River squad hoped to set off smoke signals to flag their arrival into the playoffs!

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Photo Credit: Craig Fortier 🙂

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August 18th 2019


A massive rain storm passed through Trinity Bellwoods park only 2 hours before game time. A scurrying of dreamers scouted the field, made some emails, and finally the decision to go forward was made. It was a glorious decision as the rain gave breath to a perfect evening of ball.

In the first game of the evening, it was the Garrison Creek Glimmer trying to outshine the Don River Don of the Dead. The Dead, as usual, were really just out for brains and saw Garrison as a prime culinary candidate. In the second game, the Credit River Care Bears were trying to play the hero to the villainous bandits of Rouge. But the Rouge River Raccoons were out to show that Trash Pandas might have a bad rep, but they sure can clang around on the ball field.

If you wanna know the results…


Photo Credit: Victoria Barnett 🙂

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