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Updates for 2018 Season

July 22nd 2018


And so it was that on this late July evening, when a cool breeze made it feel as though a romantic comedy awaited all spectators, the Dreamers took the Field in front of a vast group of fans that included partners, friends, family, and Craig’s famous heckling dads! Would the Comrades be sixpence none the richer? Or would the Blush wear those shoes while you wear that dress?  Would the Humdingers strike up the band and make the fireflies dance silvermoon’s sparkling or would the Valley Cats lead us out on the moonlit floor? No matter who would win we were assured that all the teams would swing swing swing the spinning step beside the green green grass! But if you wanna know the results…

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July 15th 2018


Do you like dollars? Do you like diamonds? Do you like stunting? Do you like shining? Do you like big clouds of red clay? Do you like mid-game radical speech delays? Well, we hope you have answered yes to all of these questions because the Field of Dreamers came out to party like Cardi with diamonds all over their bodies!  On a gentle July evening that welcomed Marisa Berry Méndez, one of the organizers of the Northfield Softball Community in the MTL to the DRVC, the night was painted a deep bodak yellow.  Would the Blush learn a lesson about likin’ pictures not returnin’ texts or would the Humdingers turn an “L” into lessons? Would the Comrades be ready and hot like Little Caesar’s or would the Valley Cats be meowingQuiero probar algo de ti pa’ no olvidar” when they looked at the Credit River win column?

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July 8th 2018


The cool breeze blew over the great giant, Lake Ontario, and caused a special portal to open up in the sky by which Frisbee Zombies emerged onto the field of play unphased by the game of ball and in search of plastic disc-like brains.  Like a group of pals huddled into a safehouse awaiting the moment when they would have to utilize melee weapons and sniper rifles to make their way around the bases and safely home, the Field of Dreamers played spirited defensive gems.  Would the Zom/bee players create friction among the Comrades or would it be the Humdingers who would be the centre of the Walking Dead soundtrack? Would the Blush kiss their spirits goodbye or would the Valley Cats join the herd and scratch and claw their way to Zombieapocalypse.

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July 1st 2018


The humidex was broken, the clay surface was hardened, the frisbee game was almost unplayable, and yet the Field of Dreamers trudged onto the field to play two of the most spirited games of the season.  The SkyDome was a alive on this blistering day to welcome the 2nd half of the year, and players came decked in their finest tank tops, shorts, and replenished with an array of strawberries, watermelon, Robin’s famous browned-butter rice krispie squres and various forms of electrolytes. Would the Blush wear their hot new look all the way towards victory or would the Comrades link arms to resist a needed makeover? Would the Valley Cats burn one of their nine lives in pursuit of victory or would the Humdingers be the last ones singing?

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June 24th 2018


On a night where the Field of Dreamers out sparkled the glamour of the 24/7 frisbee rave, a rainy and gloomy day soon turned into a hearts-a-fire flame fest!  Dressed to impress, the Dreamers strutted their stuff along the baselines in sequins, glam, short-short-short shorts, glitter, and all other sorts of fine haberdashery.  And, as though the Fab Five themselves decided to elevate the field of play, the Dreamers matched their new looks with fierce defence, fabulous hits, and futuristic finesse.  As the Queer Eye TV screen was tuned to the game, all were anticipating whether Karamo would unearth the loving child that lives inside the unflappable Comrades? Or would Jonathan give the Valley Cats the grooming they always knew they deserved?  Would Bobby remake the Humber defence into something elegant but hip? Or would Antoni & Tan help the Blush bring out their delectable charm?

You’ll have to keep reading to find out whether this Queer Eye’d makeover took form…

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