August 27th 2017


On the penultimate week of the regular season, the Field of Dreamers took to SkyDome once again, this time on an unseasonably cool midsummer’s night. Directly proportionate to the drop in temperature was the number of Frisbee devotees, perhaps deserting Trinity Bellwoods in order to pack their bags full of camping gear and their pockets full of narcotics in preparation for the annual migration across the border to Burning Man.

The first game of the evening was a matchup between the league’s second and fourth place teams, the Rouge River Ballsheviks and the Credit River Rainbow Trout. There was nothing fishy about the quick start for the Trout, who scored three runs in the first inning, angling to sink their socialist counterparts in a feeding frenzy and tip the scales in their favour. But the Ballsheviks, perhaps luring their opponents into a false sense of security, responded proportionately and equitably by scoring three of their own. Fantastic infield defense for the Trout along with strong hits by LJ Robinson and Johann Juarez would not let their opponents off the hook easily. But as the game went on, the Ballsheviks stayed true to their founding principles, handing out ‘the soft’ – a number of smooth singles by Shelagh, Lainie and Nav – along with ‘the hard’ – some deep blasts to the dog dish below the hill by Jarl, Umar and Andrew. Merle’s 3 RBIs and Rachele’s amazing catch and subsequent stop, drop and roll helped extinguish the Trout on the evening by a score of 19-11 (Andy Smith – Rouge River).

In the late game, a substitute-heavy Humber River Hustle got down against the Don River Mastodons in front of a capacity crowd of seven. Batting first, the proboscideans nosed ahead to an early lead with a mammoth number of singles trumpeting their arrival to the field. Annelies stomped ahead to her first career double, while Darren’s three triples made the Hustle sweat like a fur-clad teen coming out of Comfort Zone on a Sunday afternoon. But the Hustle were able to tap into a groove and got into the swing of things, jazzing up the scoresheet with a Humber Riverdance of offensive power led by Richard’s two huge homers and Mike Yam’s perfect night at the plate. Excellent defense by Gita Madan and Janine Caster ┬ámeant the Hustle were the hot stuff of the night, winning by a score of 13-9. This game also featured more bruises than the mosh pit during and encore performance of “Colony of Birchmen” with batted balls to legs, faces and hands causing some (hopefully!) minor injuries. Heal well, Dreamers! (Andy Smith – Rouge River).

As a reminder, there are no scheduled games for Labour Day weekend. Instead, a celebration of sport and friendship is being planned at Dovercourt Park for the early evening of Sunday, September 3. If you’d like to help coordinate, please contact Merle by email.

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Credit River
Rachel Small – becomes 9th player in league history to score at least 55 career runs (up 1 spot!)
LJ Robinson – becomes 10th player in league history to record at least 50 career runs batted in (up 1 spot!)
Johann Juarez – T-2nd all time in career home runs (with Adrian Rodill) at 34 (up 1 spot!)
Peter Demakos- T-15th all time with 35 career runs batted in (up 3 spots!)
Robin Smillie – becomes 53rd player in league history to record at least 25 career hits (up 4 spots!)
Colin Hastings – 8th player in league history to record 10 career triples (up 1 spot!)
Robyn Letson – becomes 24th player in league history to record at least 90 at-bats!

Don River

Devin Clancy- becomes 12th player in league history to record 15 career doubles (up 1 spot!)
Jessica Duarte – T-24th all time in runs scored with 24 (up 3 spots!)
Brianna Greaves -57th all time with 22 career hits (up 2 spots!)
Darren Puscas – ranks 1st in the league in at-bats (73) and hits (56) and triples (11) this season!
Karen Campbell – becomes 47th player in league history to reach the 30 career hit plateau!
Noah Adams – becomes 25th player in league history to reach the 50 career hit plateau!
Ryan Hayes – T-5th all time in career home runs with 16 (up 1 spot!)
Terrance Luscombe – becomes 19th player in league history to reach 45 career singles (up 1 spot!)

Humber River
Craig Fortier – 1st in the league this season with 20 doubles, 56 runs batted in and 35 runs scored.
Janine Caster -T-27th all time with 23 career runs scored (up 7 spots!)
Laura Pin – becomes 55th player in league history to reach 40 career at-bats (up 3 spots!)
Andrew Norton – T-14th in league history with 12 career doubles (up 1 spot!)
Richard Peters – 3rd in the league this season with 6 home runs (including 2 in the last game!)

Rouge River
Karl Gardner – 7th all time in career hits with 109!
Lainie Basman- becomes 13th player in league history to record at least 70 hits (71)!
Andy Smith – currently leads the league this season with an .872 batting average
Nav Sidhu – T-15th all time with 68 career hits (up 1 spot!)
Shelagh Pizey Allen – 61st player in league history to score at least 10 career runs (up 8 spots!)
Andrew Stokes -currently leads all qualified players in career batting average .814!
Merle Davis – becomes 13th player in league history to record at least 125 career at bats (126)!
Rachele Clemente -currently ranks 7th in at-bats this season with 62!
Umar Saeed – T-30th in league history with 20 career runs batted in (up 5 spots!)
Gita Madan- becomes the 35th player in league history to record 30 career hits (up 3 spots!)


FIRSTS & Seconds

Annelies Cooper (1) – Don River




Karen Campbell (Don) (52), Alex Brant (Credit) (51), Niloofar Golkar (51), and Kate Uffelman (50) all moved above the 50 at-bat mark becoming the 44th, 45th, 46th, and 47th players in league history to reach that mark!!

Strange But True

Meghan Wright (Credit) posted the exact same statistical line as Tings Chak in their first 8 at bats – including 4 hits, 4 singles, and 3 runs scored.

Mike Yam (Humber) posted the exact same statistical line as Ryan Tinney in their first 4 at bats – including 4 hits, 1 double, 2 triples, 2 runs scored, and 5 runs batted in!