2022 COVID-19 Guidelines

Last updated April 21, 2022

While softball is an outdoor activity that lends itself pretty well to social distance, we are taking some more measures to make the experience as comfortable and as safe as possible for everyone. 

These measures are something we’re experimenting with and can evolve. Please reach out to Annelies at [email protected] if you have any needs around this, questions, or suggestions!

ILLNESS In the event that you have symptoms of COVID-19 (i.e., cough, fever, sore throat, etc.) or are generally feeling unwell, we ask that you please stay at home and advise your team captains as soon as possible.

DUGOUTS Dugouts will be mandatory mask spaces, if you plan to enter the dugout or sit on the dugout bench, please wear a mask at all times and refrain from eating/drinking in this area

SOCIALLY-DISTANCED TEAM AREAS We are asking teams to congregate in more open grassy areas during the games – teams who are not playing should spread out along the benches/stands and/or wear masks if you cannot maintain 2m distance

RUNNERS If you reach first base and feel comfortable and capable running with a mask on we recommend all base runners to “mask up” while on the basepaths.

PITCHERS In order to limit the exchange of helmets during the season, we ask that anyone who pitches to think about bringing a bike helmet as an alternative to wearing a batting helmet and/or supply your own helmet for the season if you have one already. We will provide helmets however ask that you wear a hat while using league helmets.

BATTERS Given we have a limited supply of bats, we request that all batters sanitize their hands before going up to bat. Sanitizer will be provided during games!